Extraordinary nude photography by Rzeszowska.

About us

Katarzyna Rzeszowska – a talented and respected artist of exceptional sensitivity and exciting creative workshop.

Extraordinary nude photography is her specialty.

She is the author of pictorials in, among others, Playboy, Penthouse, Foto Magazine and Claudia.

As she says, photography is not only her passion but above all – an unusual kind of dance. The rhythm of her unique artistic vision, with the help of the lens shutter, the play of light and fleeting emotions can present extraordinary beauty of body shapes of her models.

Sometimes you should close your eyes for a moment, to be able to not only see the beauty of photography but also to experience it. This is the spirit of Katarzyna Rzeszowska's works.

Her photographs stand out with a unique style enhanced with subtlety, charm, and ethereal emotions, which proves that nudity can be the most beautiful dress for the human body.